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DevA2Z is an initiative to bring talented Computer Science engineers and developers (covering almost every aspect of technology whether be it web applications, mobile applications, machine learning, or cloud infrastructure deployment) and the ones who are looking for any kind of tech services to be provided for themselves (whether be it an individual, a startup or a settled company) on the same platform having no involvement of any mediators to increase the level of understanding between the customers and the service providers. 

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Syed Asad Kazmi   (Founder, CEO)

Being a tech geek having great passion and enthusiasm towards adapting to every possible programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, he is highly encouraged to move forward with this idea of bringing developers and clients on the same page. He is highly motivated to manage the team of developers and providing smooth workflow and communication between them as well as with the clients.

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Syed Nabeegh Hasan   (COO)

Experienced Cloud Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Nagios, and Database (MS-SQL, My SQL). He is a highly talented Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

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Shiv Kumar   (CTO)

He is the tech expert having a keen eye towards what technology to be used in which use case. With his expertise, he can guide the team of developers to adopt a certain framework for solving the specific problems of the clients as well as he can give the clients an overview of what needs to be done to make their products better. Along with that, his competitive coding skills can provide the structure with the best possible complexity.

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Nikhil Garg   (Visiting CTO)

Having sounding knowledge of almost every programming language and expertise in data structures and algorithms, Nikhil is like an all-in-one package of technologies. Even in his daily life, he used to solve problems with his coding skills like making custom widgets for his mobile phone, reverse engineering of installed apps, and many more. Therefore, he is the jack of all trades and master of many.

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Shubham Pandey   (Tech Lead)

Despite being the youngest in the team, he is always ready to come upfront and taking the lead on solving the problems in the projects with his excellent full-stack coding skills in MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) Stack.



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